Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FilaToning Tank Review.

FilaToning Resistance Tank

I recently entered a contest held by FilaToning. While I didn't win (whole 'nother story there), I was sent a toning resistance tank in size 2X for entering. I decided to try it out for my workout yesterday which consisted of a 15 minute circuit training exercise DVD (Jackie Warner, for those of you that want to know) and 20 minutes on the recumbent exercise bike. Heres' my thoughts on it.

The Fit
PRO: After putting it on, I immediately loved the compression I felt. I could feel my muscles and see them working much better than just with a t-shirt.  CON: Um, the boobies, they had no place to go but UP. As in, in my face. If I hadn't had my exercise bra on, they'd have been falling all sort of out. (Now I realize I have more than the average person, but again, in a 2X, there should be some sort of compensation for boobage.) Note: Also the tank comes with a shelf bra, but I like the extra support of an exercise bra. Bouncing and boobs do not go well. I'd love to see a little more of the tank up top, just to keep all the cleavage in where it ought to be.

In Action
PRO: I love, love, love the racer back. I felt like I was made to have better posture with it pushing against me to stand and sit straighter. CON: Not long enough. I have some hips, I know, but the length just wasn't long enough to stay put. It rolled up on me while I was working out and landed somewhere under the ribcage by the time I was done. Maybe some silicone threading at the base to help it stay put?

PRO: After the initial roll-up, it pretty well stayed put despite some serious sweating going on. CON: Getting it off after said sweat session required some serious contortionism. That sucker was stuck to me.

Now, I realize that this tank is probably meant for people much smaller than I am. However, if you make it in a 2X, please don't just size up the pattern from the smaller sizes. 2x's have some more stuff in areas that the skinny people don't. I'd love to see some sort of compensation for that. Silicone stitching on the hems to keep them in place. And shelf bras in 2x's are pretty pointless. We're going to wear exercise bras, I promise you. We don't need a shelf, unless it's a very big shelf.

I will say this, as a woman of size (or whatever), I beg companies to get us big girls in there for consults and design ideas. We know what we need and I can tell you it is NOT out there. This is a market that needs to be catered to, and catered to well. If you make a product that listens to us AND fits us, you'll have customers that will give you everything they have and more.


MizFit said...

Great thorough and well written review.

Really good suggestions as well!

Marla said...

You gave a well written honest post. I hope Fila (and any other company who stumbles over this post) that sizing up a pattern is the best approach to plus size active wear.

Emily Sandford said...

I have been *coveting* the Fila Toning line as well, however there's no way I'm getting into a 2x. I suggested to them via Twitter that they extend their sizes into a plus range, which they replied they'd make a note of (which is more than what most companies would do).

FatGirlsCanRun said...

Awesome review!

See, I sort of have the opposite problem. My girls are on the small side. Even when I was wearing size 22, I was still a full B cup maybe a C. When I would buy plus size stuff, especially fitness gear, there'd be so much extra room I'd be flopping out. Just because you're big, doesn't always mean you're big on top.

140081e2-7bd9-11e0-b41b-000bcdcb471e said...

Tops, blouses, t-shirts, and paants need to be long in length. Not always short! Some of us plus size ladies are tall, like my sister and me! Bras! That's a whole 'nother subject! I love a wire bra for support but I want sexy bras to!!! And when I wear a wire bra, I don't want it to poke out in the center because my fluff pushes it up! There has to be a way to make clothes correctly foor us who have extra fluff to love!!!

Lori said...

I HATE when my outfits go to my high waist and not stick where they should- my pants waist or lower.

therunningjewess said...

I'm typically a Large and I find the same rolling up issue with most tight workout tops. Someone needs to figure out how to hold them down so I don't expose myself during a workout.

GB Girl said...

Amen Sister!

What an excellent review. You are so right about plus size clothing. The manufacturers really need to consider the body itself and no just the number on the tag.

Fila should totally hire you. :)

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